Pro Choice Green Gauntlet Gloves 12PK GL

Pro Choice Green Gauntlet Gloves 12PK GL

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Pro Choice green gauntlet latex rubber gloves. Heavy duty ripple textured gloves for excellent grip in wet environment and interlock lined for added comfort. Suitable for glass and metal industry, forestry & timber, deep sea fishing and quarrying.

Cotton interlock liner absorbs perspiration for comfort

2 Piece liner without seams in the working areas
eliminates hand irritation

Crinkled palm enhances protection and grip

Anatomically shaped to provide good fit

Extended gauntlet cuff to protect forearm

Liquid proof for use in wet conditions

Anti-Microbial and fungistatic additives

Durable and washable

Approved to EN 374, EN 388: 3121, EN 420:2003 & EN 407:1994

Hydrochloric Acid, 10% w/w Level 6
Sodium Hydroxide, 20% w/w Level 6
Acetic Acid, 25% w/w Level 6
Formaldehyde, 37% w/w Level 6
Sodium Hydroxide, 40% Level 6
Sulphuric Acid, 96% Level 2
Methanol Level 6